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Crafting Rich Roast Gravy

Crafting Rich Roast Gravy

Brown gravy, or meat gravy is an integral part of the Sunday Roast across Ireland and the U.K. We tend to use a lot more gravy here than anywhere else in the world. In the U.S.A. for example gravy is mostly associated with Thanksgiving Day. We have a slightly thinner style gravy than our friends across the Atlantic, and as you move from region to region across the U.K. and Ireland you will certainly find that style, consistency, flavour and colour can change. Most chefs are quite particular about their gravy, and each may have a unique method or ingredient added to make it their own. The point here, is that very few chefs would simply decant the contents of a tub of gravy and add the required amount of water and simmer.

Meat juices is the most popular ingredient used and rightly so, why on earth would anyone discard them. While the juices from the meats are fantastic and will provide a great base flavour to the gravy, the water used to boil vegetables is also excellent to use and contribute to zero waste. I wouldn’t recommend using water that was used to boil potatoes as it contains too much starch. A good quality gravy powder dissolved in some water added to the meat or vegetable juices and whisk is all that is required. Obviously, I use “Blenders Roast Gravy” as I really like the caramelized onion flavour, it adds a unique depth of flavour, and will work with all types of cooked meats, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Lamb, Turkey etc, and it may surprise you to know that its also suitable for vegetarians.

Just to finish off on a controversial note, I’m not sure about how I feel about gravy chips, my colleagues in Canada and the UK swear by them, now one of my favourite things is Gravy and Mash, the ideal comfort food. Maybe soon I will have a little chat with you about Blenders Curry Sauce, now that is one ingredient that belongs on chips.

– Aidan McGrath, Business Development Chef

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