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What Mayonnaise?

What Mayonnaise?

What Mayonnaise is right for me?

Aidan McGrath, Blenders Business Development Chef

Quite often I am asked, “What is the best mayonnaise to use?”.   And the answer to this is that it depends on what you are using it for. Just recently we introduced a Professional Mayonnaise to the portfolio, which makes SIX different types of mayonnaise to choose from!   While all our mayonnaises are made on top of the range equipment and perform excellently, they all work in a slightly different way. So, this is my quick guide to our mayonnaise range that we produce here in Blenders.

Real Mayonnaise

The classic full-bodied mayo with 78% rapeseed oil.  It is firm in texture with a mustard, egg, and hint of lemon flavour. It is tightly bound to enhance performance when making salads.

Extra Thick Mayonnaise

A very firm and thick mayo with a more neutral flavour to allow the vegetables to stand out as the hero. It has a high oil content (76% rapeseed oil), binds salads excellently and acts as a barrier for pre pack sandwiches.

Salad Mayonnaise

Not to be confused with a Salad Cream which is a completely different product, this mayonnaise has less oil (50%) than a Real Mayonnaise and is slightly less firm. It is ideal for making salads and also works very well on hot food, for example burgers or toasted wraps. 

Professional Mayonnaise.

Looks, tastes and performs like a Real mayonnaise, but with less oil (40%) it costs less.  

Light Mayonnaise

With an ever increasing emphasis on healthy eating, Light mayo has a rightful place in the portfolio and with only (27% rapeseed oil) its nearly 60% less fat than a Real Mayo. Ideal for light coleslaws or a base for other flavoured sauces.

Vegan Mayonnaise

Vegan and Flexitarian eating means having a Vegan Mayo as part of the range is very important. Pea-protein replaces the egg but the end product remains tastes and performs like a Real Mayonnaise.

In summing up, all of our mayonnaise are versatile and will work in any professional kitchen but if you need to specialise go with below:

If you are looking for a luxurious salad select REAL. If you are working with hot food select SALAD.  If you require something to give you a little bit of extra shelf life try the EXTRA THICK. If it’s a healthier option that you require go LIGHT. If its plant based go VEGAN and if you need to be a bit more cost conscious it’s PROFESSIONAL.

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